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Clear Trax Technology

The owners of truck and tire washes no longer have to accept dirty wheel wash water as the "norm." The patent pending Clear Trax system continuously pulls the sediment out of recycle water resulting in clean wash water and clear tracks all day long. The good news is that Clear Trax saves you money by eliminating the need for more expensive washes and/or sweeper trucks. Clear Trax also allows the wash to operate without having to continually vactor out the sediment.

We have yet to find a wash that did not experience dramatically improved clarity upon the use of our Clear Trax system.

The Clear Trax system consists of the ChitoVan based Clear Trax formula and metering device. Dungeness offers three different Clear Trax products: Clear Trax 450, Clear Trax 250 and Clear Trax 100. Clear Trax is a solid material available in 12 pound and 24 pound buckets. One 12 pound bucket of Clear Trax 450 is typically enough for about 1,000 trucks on a construction site. The Clear Trax metering device is adjustable so you can determine the amount of Clear Trax you use. Contact Dungeness Environmental to get set up with the Clear Trax system today. Ask about our free trial offer.

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