1970 – Quintin Peniston and Lee Johnson’s “Method for Treating an Aqueous Medium with Chitosan and Derivatives of Chitin to Remove an Impurity” patent published.

2000 - The first Chitosan-Enhanced Sand Filtration (CESF) system was operated on a construction site in Redmond, Washington.

2001 - Natural Site Solutions (NSS) formed to develop CESF technology.

2001 - NSS develop passive treatment with chitosan lactate socks.

2009 - Dungeness Environmental formed as a division of Dungeness Development Associates, Inc. to develop the water purification market.

2009 - CESF with ChitoVan is approved for general use in Washington.

2009 - Dungeness introduces Clear Trax 450, a powerful new ChitoVan product specifically for high sediment loads in truck and tire washes.

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Key Personnel
Joel Van Ornum - President
We introduced a chitosan based clarifier for the pool and spa market, wound healing bandages for the 3M company, wine clarification kits for England, odor free sponges for 3M, a trademarked dietary supplement ingredient called Liposan, a pulp and paper wet strength additive...
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